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"Welcome to Lube 2 Go " the hassle-free mobile service that comes to you "

Like horses, if cars aren't properly cared for, they become temperamental, stop running, and can go weeks without speaking to their owners. Keep your car happy with us. Lube 2 Go maximizes convenience by caring for autos at customers' homes and offices. After making an appointment, customers sit back and relax while our experts come to them, eliminating the hassle of driving to a garage or buying a new car every time the oil needs changing. Technicians switch out old oil for up to 5 quarts of fresh oil and replace old, clogged oil filters to ensure optimal engine functioning. A thorough inspection ensures that each car's vital systems are in working order, assessing such aspects of auto function as tire pressure, brake- and power-steering-fluid levels, and engine-belt wear. A steam wash augments the vehicular doctoring by cleansing cars of accumulated grime, using water heated to 150 degrees Celsius to eradicate dirt and the filthy snowmen who cling like barnacles to side-view mirrors. The spray system conserves water and eschews nature-harming detergents, creating an environmentally friendly wash as well as a touching goodwill gesture toward clans of belligerent backyard dryads Give us a call and we can normally service your car maintenance requirements by the following day!